How to install your Turbo Shower™?

Here is a quick tutorial you can follow in case you are wondering how easy it is to get started with your new favorite shower head. Follow these instructions to get the best of it!


1. Start by unscrewing your old shower head. Keep turning it until it is completely unscrewed.


2. Take your brand new Turbo Shower™, remove the plastic cap that initially covers the part that threads onto the hose. Start screwing and do this movement until your new shower head is fully tightened.


3. Adjust the pressure to what most suits you. You can regulate it or fully stop it. Now you are ready to have the best shower ever!

How to Change your Filter?

Maintaining the optimal performance of your shower head is essential for a refreshing and enjoyable shower experience. In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the simple process of changing your shower filter.

Remember, for best results, aim to change your filter every month. Your skin will thank you for it!

1. Turn off the water supply to your shower.

2. Unscrew the handheld showerhead from the hose by turning it counter clockwise.

3. Unscrew the filter housing from the middle by turning it counter clockwise.

4. Take out the old filter. If there is any debris or buildup inside the housing, clean it with a gentle brush or rinse it with water.

5. Insert the new filter into the housing. Take a close look at the blue legs of the filter. Ensure that they are aligned with the gaps in the housing.

6. Screw the housing back together securely by turning it clockwise

7. Screw the handheld showerhead back onto the hose.

8. Turn on the water supply and check for any leaks around the connections. Tighten if necessary.

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