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"The Ultimate Exfoliation"

TurboShower™ + ExGlove™

TurboShower™ + ExGlove™

★★★★★ 768 reviews

Tired of body acne, strawberry skin or endless ingrown hairs? We know how it feels... We got you!

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“I was a little skeptical at first but damn this thing is gold. It works amazingly and really does what it promises to do. I'm so impressed”

Tammy D. - Verified Buyer

The Ultimate Exfoliation ✨

5 in 1 🌟

Our ExGlove™ combines the best benefits you could get from an exfoliating glove.

Made for all skin types, prepare yourself to get the smoothest exfoliation and to be left with the most glowy skin you ever had!

Level up your skincare routine and ask yourself why you didn't do it sooner.

  • Savings

    No more spending money on harsh exfoliant creams.

  • Skin

    Helps reduce body acne.

  • Smoothness

    Bye ingrown hairs and strawberry skin, hello smooth legs!

  • Calm

    Made for all skin types.

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How do I use the ExGlove™?

1. Take a warm shower or bath for more than 5 minutes (the longer the better)

2. Wet your glove and move away from the water; make sure your skin remains damp before you start scrubbing

3. Scrub your body using long and firm strokes until you start seeing dead skin peel off; do not apply any soap or shower gel, as the glove relies on friction

4. Use your glove before shaving or waxing

5. Rinse your body with warm water and moisturize

6. After each use, hand wash your glove with soap or shower gel and hang to air dry. Please note that your glove will slightly shrink after first use.

Repeat once a week for best results.

Why does it help with body acne?

Using ancient weaving techniques, the ExGlove™ offers a deep yet smooth exfoliation.

Therefore, it is your perfect shower companion to exfoliate your skin naturally by removing dead skin cells, impurities and dirt, which could lead to body acne.

How can it leave my skin soft and glowy?

Our ExGlove™ promotes collagen and elastin production by accelerating the renewal of skin cells.

This leads to a replacement of dead dry skin cells with new glowy skin!

Does it hurt my skin?

NO! It doesn't, but we recommend you to be extra gentle on sensitive areas and do not scrub over open cuts, sunburns, inflamed areas and active acne.

Redness is normal as the glove is stimulating blood circulation.

Do not overly apply pressure or scrub excessively over the same area.

Who should use it?

Everyone! Literally everyone!

From kids to adults, you can exfoliate your skin using nothing but a paraben free natural glove that replaces all the exfoliating creams and gels you may be using.

How often do I need to change my ExGlove™?

For ultimate hygiene we recommend you change your ExGlove every 2-3 months.

Satisfaction Guarantee

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Still on the fence?🤔

"OMG. It works like magic, my back acne and leg ingrown hairs are so much better now. Thank you for bringing this to all women!"

Kelly A. - Verified Buyer

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